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Edwards, MS



Edwards, Mississippi  Edwards, Mississippi Edwards, Mississippi Bonner Campbell Institute, Edwards, Mississippi

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Town of Edwards, Mississippi

A Message from 
Mayor RL Perkins

As elected representatives of the citizens of Edwards, Mississippi, we are responsible for both providing general direction and setting policy to help guide the town into the future. We are responsible to our constituents for the decisions we make today and how those decisions will impact us tomorrow.  We genuinely want to contribute to improving our community.  Therefore, we will strive to learn all we can about this town- its history, its operations, and its financing- to allow us to do our jobs the best we can. 

I want to be known as a proactive Mayor, focusing on ways to prevent problems and take hold of our opportunities, rather than being reactive, trying to just solve problems as they occur. 

We believe it is important for citizens to “buy in” to town government, therefore, we want to involve both long-time residents and those who have just recently moved to our community in the process of governing and improving the town’s quality of life. 

We are enthusiastic about the opportunity and the privilege of serving the citizens of Edwards.  Individually, each us are leaders, but we are also members of a team which must work together if we wish to accomplish good things for this community. 

We are not afraid of challenges.  We have been asked to serve and we are ready to make those tough decisions, which won’t always be understood by the public.  We will not always be content just to follow the routine of our predecessors.  We will review new ideas, seek better ways of doing things, and encourage imaginative and innovative solutions or alternative courses of action, so that we may leave the town a better place than it was when we took office.

RL Perkins
Mayor, Town of Edwards 

Town of Edwards Board (L to R)
Alderman Leon "Dr. Dirt" Goldsberry, Alderman At Large
Alderman Wilson "Larry" Jones, Ward 4
Alderwoman Kedra Williams-Harris, Ward 2
Mayor RL Perkins
Alderwoman Marilyn McGee Bryant, Ward 3
Alderman Charles L. Rather, Ward 1

Mission Statement  

The Town of Edwards’ mission is to enhance the quality of life in our Town by efficiently and innovatively meeting the needs of the citizens and giving full value for public investment. 

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you will find that our Town is anticipating the future while remembering what makes a town home. 

In all of its activities, the Town will foster the environment and deliver the best possible public service, integrating the needs of residents and business.  We encourage citizens to be actively involved in making Edwards a better place to live. 

Form of Government 

The Town of Edwards is a mayor-board of aldermen (also known as the “code charter”) form of government. Four residents are elected from Ward I, Ward II, Ward III and Ward IV and one resident is elected at-large.  The Mayor and Aldermen serve 4-year terms.  The Mayor, who serves part time, presides over all meetings of the Board and is recognized as the head of the Town for ceremonial purposes.  The Town was incorporated in 1871.